Friday, August 10, 2012

Nohea for OluKai

Nohea means "beautiful,lovely,pretty" in the Hawaiian language. The Nohea women's canvas shoe line is lined with fabric that was designed in my studio in collaboration with OluKai's creative team.

I am a Pisces. We are ruled by our feet and mine anticipate wearing a pair of the Nohea shoes next year!

Top photo: Transworld Business

Art Direction: Bill Worthington

OluKai canvas shoe

OluKai commissioned my studio to create a hand carved image for their August 2012 Outdoor Retailer display. I carved an outrigger canoe image from the remaining piece of the old Manoa Valley house deconstructed redwood . 

Vintage photos of life in the late 1800s of Princess Victoria Kaiulani's Ainahau  estate in Waikiki were included.

An excerpt from the song ,"Lei No Kaiulani",by John Edwards,1916 in honor of Princess Kaiulani:

 "..Me he p√Ľnohu` ula ala i ke kai
Ka nohea nohea ke `ike aku
I ku`u wehilani
E ola mau e Kaiulani..."

English translation:

"... As a rainbow over the sea
Is beautiful to see
So is my royal darling
Long may you live, Kaiulani..."

Art Direction: Bill Worthington

Display Design: Jason Freise