Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Patagonia Aloha Shirt in Northern California

Tonight as I was leaving Eureka Natural Foods with my groceries I  stopped in my tracks after seeing Bob Cherry standing in the store wearing a Patagonia "Pataloha" shirt  print designed in my Kailua,Oahu art studio under the  direction of  Dale Hope.

Bob's Aloha Shirt was a gift that he has been wearing for about 12 years.

Bob is a long time surfer from Miranda,California. His wife, Tory Schanzle, is a CEMT,Certified Equine Massage and Therapy, in McKinleyville, California.

They divide their time between California and  Tatos,Santos,BCS,Mexico.

I celebrated meeting Bob and Tory, who love the ocean , horses and natural foods, by drinking a Cherry Chia Kombucha Tea which was purchased before meeting Bob Cherry!