Friday, September 28, 2012

Quiksilver Waterman Collection Aloha Shirt

Found an oversized driftwood log on the beach to hand carve for a Quiksilver Aloha Shirt Print. The tree had been about 55 years old when it was cut down. While tumbling around in the ocean, branches broke off,leaving oval shaped holes that appear in the background texture of the print. The only alterations to the wood, before drawing the design with pencil,then carving, were planing and sanding by Kai Cherry of  Cherry Construction in Santa Rosa, California.

Location: Salmon Creek Beach, Sonoma County, California, a local favorite surfing spot & adopted by Sonoma Coast Chapter Surfrider Foundation

Historical site: Miwok Indian Village, a peaceful tribe with no word for war

Permission given by State of California to remove driftwood

Inspiration: Polynesian Island Pareo

Art Direction: Dale Hope and Guy Stagman

Textile design hand drawn in pencil onto tracing paper.