Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hope for Man art exhibit Green Room Hawaii

GreenRoom  Hawaii 

 “HOPE” exhibit of Dale Hope's vintage aloha shirts designed under HRH brand,now "Hope for Man" label includes photographs and prints taken from a series of 6 including surfers and canoes with paddlers. Each shirt features it's own story on a one of a kind hang tag and  a hand block printed surfer on white fabric rectangle on the  back near collar.

The exhibit lasts until November 21,2010.

I bought a beautiful old piece of wide ( 2'x6') piece of redwood from ReUse Hawaii's stock of wood taken from an old house in Manoa Valley, Honolulu that was being torn down.I had to balance the wood on top of my bicycle and walk  from ReUse Hawaii to my Waikiki Studio. This was before I bought my great surf rack for the bike. The linoleum blocks were mounted on this redwood. I also used pure Frankencense essential oil on the back of the wooden blocks. Used a hand saw to cut the pieces out on studio lanai with a coconut palm tree close by.

Many weeks of emailed communication with Dale Hope resulted in these 6 blocks that went through revisions.

I'll post more images of his shirts next time.

Thank you!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Francis "Coach" Silva,City & County of Honolulu Handi-Van driver

Walking down King Street this morning I stopped to talk to Honolulu resident Francis "Coach" Silva whose  Handi-Van was parked on street.He  coaches weight lifters and Pop Warner Football on Oahu.A friendly man who took a minute to talk to me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Joelyn,Hawaiian Airlines customer service crew member

Joelyn had just left work at the airport. She was selecting her breakfast from the hot food bar at the health food store as I walked towards the baked goods this morning. She seemed so friendly and approachable.Great ambassador for her company!  I asked if I could take her picture.

Graciously she stopped to talk about the print and colors with me.

I bicycled away carrying  brown rice,yellow split peas and freshly ground peanut butter in my messenger bag back to my studio.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Surf Board Rack now Bicycle Aloha Shirt Art Portfolio Carrier

I bought a bicycle surfboard rack after Matthew Modine,of Bicycle for a Day suggested via twitter that I use a surfboard rack to carry my art portfolio.

I was talking to Tyler , University of Hawaii film student and bicycle mechanic at McCully Bicycle & Sporting Goods, while he installed a  surf board rack onto my bicycle. He worked as a film  intern on the sets of "Lost" and "The Descendants". He was part of the film crew that took  George Clooney to Tori Richard/Kahala Sportswear  headquarters in Honolulu, the day that  "Skills", the Kahala Aloha Shirt designed in my Kailua Art Studio,was chosen to be used in George's wardrobe.

I rode over to Hawaiian Graphics to buy a portfolio to try out the new set-up. It's exactly what I needed and had hoped for.

On the way to my art studio, I stopped off at Holly Young's bronze sculpture/fountain of "Makua and Kila" ( characters in the children's story written by Surfer and Educator Fred Van Dyke) to photograph my bicycle. The monk seal is an endangered species,beautifully represented here with a young boy on his surf board.

My next client meeting will be delivery of their new hand painted Aloha Shirt design,carried across Honolulu in this portfolio by bicycle.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Reyn Spooner aloha shirt designed in my studio awhile ago.

Bought this XXL Aloha Shirt shirt from an ebay seller who actually lives in Kaneohe. I paid $5. shipping for an 8 mile distance to my PO Box in Kailua. I wanted to buy this one because it's no longer being printed and I have always loved the color palette. Motifs include: canoe paddlers., surfers, net fisherman,coconut palm trees, hibiscus flowers, OCEAN, monstera leaves My painting style has changed since I designed this. Roy Lowry ,born under the astrological sign of the Moon Child, was the art director for Reyn Spooner at the time. He and I developed a nice friendship that I still miss to this day. We used to laugh together during our business meetings talking about dreams and art and life. I used to drive to his condominium lobby late at night to drop off artwork as he was leaving for the airport the next day.We shared technique ideas and had even at one point talked about designing greeting cards together.

I'm so happy to have this shirt .It feels like coming home for me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aloha Shirt designed in my studio for TheBus,manufactured by Island Traditions

Driver Marktin Asuncion,life long resident of Oahu, is an artist though it's been awhile since he had time to draw. He lives in the Makiki  neighbourhood in Honolulu.

There were a lot of passengers coming and going with little time to talk more.

After I removed my bike from the rack on the front of the bus, we waved to each other and I rode off past a large group of tourists .

Kahala Aloha Shirt, Alcove,designed in my studio, shown on TheBus passenger

Little did Kevin ,who asked to keep his sunglasses on, (no last name given) know  when he stood in front of me that we would have a 5 minute discussion about his shirt and that I would pull out a camera from my messenger bag.

He was my captive audience! Organic cotton, hibiscus flowers printed using  hand carved blocks and textured background from another hand carved block.

He says that he likes the way Kahala shirts fit and also wears Tommy Bahama.

Aloha Shirt Uniform for Boots & Kimo's Kailua restaurant ,designed in my studio

Today while I was in Kailua , Joey, Assistant manager very kindly took a moment to pose for a quick photo of him wearing Boots & Kimo's uniform designed in my Kailua Studio.

Motifs :

Boots & Kimo's famous logo ,tiki of Kanaloa,the God of  ocean, hand painted with motifs of outrigger canoe,surfboards,owner's tattoos,hibiscus and plumeria flowers,macadamia nuts with leaves,pineapple,canoe paddler petroglyph,Mokulua Islands with sunrise,Menu words

Kailua bus stop, Passenger wearing a Kahala aloha shirt by Emma Howard

Not only was Dr Horowitz wearing an aloha shirt that I designed but we got off at the same stop in Kailua right in front of the great store, Muumuu Heaven.

As we were  removing our bicycles from the front bus rack, I asked him if I could photograph him .

He was  busy taking phone calls so I cycled away after taking these 2 photos.

Aloha Shirt designed in my studio for TheBus worn here Thursday morning Enroute from Honolulu to Kailua on TheBus

Dean Rodriques was driving past Ala Moana Beach Park when I photographed him in TheBus drivers' uniform in a pale grey ground,designed in my Kailua Studio ,manufactured by Island Traditions.

He later told me a few things about himself:

•Born in Mililani under the sign of Taurus
•Has lived in Wahiawa since the age of 6
•He and his wife have been married for 13 years and  have a daughter. He's " a family man"
•Waterman who dives,fishes and used to body board when he had more free  time

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NAUMD North American Association of Uniform Manufactuers & Distributors 2010 Awards

 Apparel Solutions LLC, won the 2010 award in transportation category for their uniform that included my aloha shirt print:

March 7. 2010
"TRANSPORTATION - Apparel Solutions for Hawaiian Airlines
Apparel Solutions uniformed 1800 Flight Attendants and Customer Service Reps for a new 80th
Anniversary uniform for Hawaiian Airlines. We provided a sophisticated island look utilizing Asian and
Hawaiian Culture inspired design. We provided clean silhouttes for above the waist garments no
buttons (except dyed to match buttons on the Aloha they blend in) and no pockets. The
fabric for the bottomwear and blazer is a tropical weight 50% Austrailian Wool and 50% Micropoly in
Medium Grey. We paired that with an Azul print which is rich in the icons and heritage of Hawaiian
and Polynesia."

Monday, May 17, 2010

MidWeek article Hawaiian Airlines uniform print designed by Emma Howard

 November 11, 2009

"Hawaiian Airlines Unveils New Uniforms by Yu Shing Ting

Starting this month, customers of Hawaiian Airlines will notice an entirely new look in its terminals and onboard its flights with flight attendants and customer service employees sporting new uniforms.

The new uniforms to be worn by 1,800 employees systemwide are the product of a yearlong collaborative effort among line employees and managers of the company aimed at having them ready in time for Hawaiian’s 80th anniversary Nov. 11.

Hawaii designer Emma Howard incorporated the input from employees in creating the new uniform’s print design, drawing inspiration from the Hawaiian word makahiki, which resulted from combining the words for “flight” and “movement.”

Transportation Industry Custom Uniforms Print Designer

Corporate uniforms for the Transportation Industry is a recurring theme appearing in  my work as a freelance textile/surface designer.

AMPCO parking systems for ABM Industries Incorporated
manufactured by Island Traditions of Hawaii

TheBus and Handivan for  The City and County of Honolulu
manufactured by Island Traditions of Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines
manufactured by Apparel Solutions LLC

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oahu TheBus & Handivan drivers wear Aloha Shirts designed in my studio

I rode my bike across town today to meet with a client for a new project. On my way to the meeting I stopped by the sewing factory that the majority of shirts are sewn in; these rolls of fabric in several colorways were in line to be unrolled ,cut and made into more uniforms for the City and County's  drivers.

The  Master/original art was hand painted in a khaki green as shown here.

Island Traditions manufactured this shirt.

Surfers,rock climbers,fishermen PATALOHA for Patagonia

Dale Hope commissioned my studio to create a print for Patagonia's Pataloha line using rock climbers, fishermen in outrigger canoes and surfers. The mountains are in the middle of the ocean surrounded by high surf.

Pepi Wines, a part of Kendall Jackson Wine Estates,Ltd

 Robert Pepi bought property south of the town of Oakville in 1966. He  retired in 1994 ,selling  the estate to Jess Jackson and his family.

Laura Lee and Mia Morelli of Pepi Wine commissioned my studio to create a wine and surf print for their new silk shirts. Hand drawn in pencil, then hand painted using gouache on paper. The entire process was completed via emailed images between Sonoma County, California and the Hawaiian Islands.

This silk shirt , manufactured by Island Traditions, is engineered with design matching from pocket ,all the way across the front.

George Clooney wears this aloha shirt --store front of Kahala Sportswsear

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pleiades Star Constellation,Makali'i, on Big Island of Hawaii

While facing the Pleiades Star Constellation,Makali'i, rising above the horizon one evening 100s of years ago, an artist etched the image of the Pleiades into this lava rock on the Big Island in Puna.This was part of a spiritual ceremony with a Hawaiian Kahuna present for Makahiki that was also happening around the world.

During my Big Island stay last year,after photographing this image, I had a dream that I was flying across the field of petroglyphs.

"The nine brightest stars of the Pleiades are named for the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygete, Celaeno, and Alcyone, along with their parents Atlas and Pleione. As daughters of Atlas, the Hyades were sisters of the Pleiades. The English name of the cluster itself is of Greek origin, though of uncertain etymology. Suggested derivations include: from πλεîν plein, to sail, making the Pleiades the "sailing ones"; from pleos, full or m; or from peleiades, flock of doves."

Initially I found this image in a book,comparing it to photographs of the actual stars while researching a project for a client's aloha shirt uniform.I was contacted by telephone, to enter a competition of a few designers to come up with a new design for Hawaiian Airlines for their new uniform that would be unveiled during their anniversary in November/December 2009.

It took 8 months to research,design and hand paint the print under the direction of a very large committee of Hawaiian Airlines employees.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surfrider t-shirt handpainted original art,Kahala

Inspired by an old aloha shirt, this surfer was hand painted several years ago for a silk aloha shirt and now brought back on a t-shirt by Kahala Sportswear for their Summer 2010 line.

San Francisco Chronicle SF Gate, Hawaii Insider,Emma Howard Textile Designer

Jeanne Cooper's column, Hawaii Insider, San Francisco Chronicle's SF Gate mentioned my work because I was one of the lucky winners in her contest on Hawaii locations.

"... Rapa Nui moai, which include two nearly 20 feet tall (one deliberately unfinished) reclining on the ground.... and textile designer Emma Howard of Kailua, who cited Peter Buck's "Vikings of the Pacific" in her answer to explain how it got its English name: "The island was first sighted by the Dutch navigator, Roggeveen, on Easter Sunday, 1722." .

..."The creator of images seen on many aloha shirt uniforms in Hawai'i, including The Bus on O'ahu, Howard added, "The Polynesian Triangle, of which Easter Island is in the eastern corner, is the main source of motifs for my textile designs." (Check out her blog to see some of her recent work.)"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Old Surf board found on beach,used for carving block

I found this really short, old board lying in the sand for 2 days on Kailua Beach being held together with duct tape over cracked resin. After carrying back to my studio, I carved the board for a new Aloha Shirt print design commissioned by Dale Hope, art director of Kahala Sportswear.

After the project was completed, I gave Dale the board where it's now on display in their retail store at Ala Moana Shopping Center to illustrate to their customers that their aloha shirts are designed by hand. I've heard that men bought the shirt after seeing the board and hearing that the artist found the board on the beach.

Dale Hope owned Kahala Sportswear at one time and then stayed on as art director for years. He is author of The Aloha Shirt: spirit of the islands and known as the aloha shirt guru all over the world.

Stop in some time to check out this board when you're at Ala Moana Shopping Center .It will be like you and I are greeting each other sort of in person.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Aloha Shirt, "Kona" , Kahala Sportswear

Block printed motifs:
•Outrigger canoes on beach
•palm trees/fronds
•coconut tree climber
•hala tree
•plumeria blossoms

Maui Jim Sunglasses Surf Shirt ,Emma Howard design

Chris Abbruzzese,Maui Jim Sunglasses president of marketing, hand carried the original paper hand drawn, then painted in gouache and block printed Master art from my very rustic indoor/outdoor Kailua studio to his rental car.

Maui Jim Sunglasses had the artwork woven into this silk fabric that also comes in blue for both men and women.


•Plumeria blossoms and leaves
•Large stand of Palm trees with big wave and surfer
•Maui Jim logo
• Tapa designs inked by hand carved wood block

All hand drawn in pencil,then painted with gouache water based paint. .

Hand painted art for TheBus new uniforms: Island Traditions

Robert Jackson, owner of Island Traditions, and I met quite a few times with TheBus showing 3 different hand painted designs.

This is the one that they chose to have printed.


Diamond Head,ocean with sailing outrigger canoe,banana plants, t-plants,hibiscus flowers and palm trees all amongst TheBus and HandiVans driving around the print!

Maui Jim Sunglasses-Original hand-rendered art for Pouch/cleaning cloth

Vintage island motifs in background with outrigger canoes,palm trees,Bird of Paradise flowers, Hibiscus Flowers,Island with Palm Trees,Grass shacks.

The Maui Jim Sunglasses creative team was great to work with on this project.

Hand painted using gouache on paper, this design was chosen out of 3 that I created for them.

Lahaina, Maui resident, Walter Hester, CEO of Maui Jim Sunglasses says, "Living Aloha means acceptance and appreciation of others. It is looked upon as a gift given to one another, whose effect is one of responsibility and beauty. Its meaning encompasses the way Hester’s employees at Maui Jim conduct business and relate to their customers, suppliers, and community."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makahiki, Aloha shirt print commissioned by Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines commissioned my studio to create their new aloha shirt print.

The Pleiades star constellation rises over the eastern horizon at the end of October or early November ,signaling the start of the great Makahiki Festival.

Because this time on our planet is recognized and revered internationally, it seemed to be a fitting theme for the new print,allowing Hawaiian Airlines to bring their own Hawaiian concept of the Pleiades star constellation to each of their destinations. It is a way to connect with mankind in a time of needing to connect with one another.

"Poets,priests,prophets,shamans,storytellers,singers and historians have all sung their praises down through the ages from Homer to Hesiod,Mohammed to Milton,Plato to Edgar Allen Poe. ....poets Byron,Keats and Tennyson. ...Artists have depicted these famous stars on bark paintings,in caves, on petroglyphs,in sculptures,on canvas,and in modern times,in cyberspace.Many important buildings,temples and other ancient monuments were aligned with the Pleiades including the Temple of the Sun in Mexico, the Great Pyramid in Egypt,the Parthenon in Greece,the 'Great Enclosure' of the ancient Mayan capital in Peru and the pyramid of the Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, to name just a few."

"The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades:stories from around the world"
by Munya Andrews

Thursday, April 8, 2010

George Clooney filming The Descendents in Hawaii wearing Aloha Shirt print by Emma Howard

George Clooney shown with Elisabetta Canalis,is wearing Skilled, a print with individual blocks carved for each individual scene under the direction of Dale Hope, then art director of Kahala Sportswear.
Canoe paddlers, surfers, fishermen,beach shack,island with mountain

Original artwork was printed in navy on white and with a flip of the color tabs, the colors are reversed.

People magazine shows same shirt.

Thank you, George Clooney for making me smile this morning.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hand carved blocks Aloha Shirt Kahala Sportswear

Vintage Tahitian fabrics were the inspiration for these stylized flowers and leaves on 100% cotton in Kahala Sportswear's Spring 2010 Aloha Shirt line.

I carved a sheet of blue foam from Fiberglass Hawaii in town for this design using a dremel tool.
They also carry great acrylic paints by Nova which I use in other projects.

There are probably 3 shades of blue here with white.

Designed in Kailua, Oahu near the beach.

Organic Cotton Aloha Shirt Print with hand carved hibiscus motifs

When Dale Hope told me that this hand block printed design called "Alcove" was going to be printed onto organic cotton, it was exciting to be part of a truly wonderful movement in the apparel industry.

The great people at the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative have been very kindly spending time communicating with me about their organic cotton. I've learned from reading their "From Field to Finished Product" web page that cotton mills have to be shut down and cleaned for organic cotton.

The Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers ,Hibiscus brackenridgei (Ma'o hau hele)growing in the Kalama Beach area of small beach town Kailua, on island of Oahu, area were the inspiration for the motifs here.

There is a huge story with 100s of people involved in the making of just one shirt,"Alcove" and I'm so proud to have been part of the process.