Friday, September 28, 2012

Quiksilver Waterman Collection Aloha Shirt

Found an oversized driftwood log on the beach to hand carve for a Quiksilver Aloha Shirt Print. The tree had been about 55 years old when it was cut down. While tumbling around in the ocean, branches broke off,leaving oval shaped holes that appear in the background texture of the print. The only alterations to the wood, before drawing the design with pencil,then carving, were planing and sanding by Kai Cherry of  Cherry Construction in Santa Rosa, California.

Location: Salmon Creek Beach, Sonoma County, California, a local favorite surfing spot & adopted by Sonoma Coast Chapter Surfrider Foundation

Historical site: Miwok Indian Village, a peaceful tribe with no word for war

Permission given by State of California to remove driftwood

Inspiration: Polynesian Island Pareo

Art Direction: Dale Hope and Guy Stagman

Textile design hand drawn in pencil onto tracing paper.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nohea for OluKai

Nohea means "beautiful,lovely,pretty" in the Hawaiian language. The Nohea women's canvas shoe line is lined with fabric that was designed in my studio in collaboration with OluKai's creative team.

I am a Pisces. We are ruled by our feet and mine anticipate wearing a pair of the Nohea shoes next year!

Top photo: Transworld Business

Art Direction: Bill Worthington

OluKai canvas shoe

OluKai commissioned my studio to create a hand carved image for their August 2012 Outdoor Retailer display. I carved an outrigger canoe image from the remaining piece of the old Manoa Valley house deconstructed redwood . 

Vintage photos of life in the late 1800s of Princess Victoria Kaiulani's Ainahau  estate in Waikiki were included.

An excerpt from the song ,"Lei No Kaiulani",by John Edwards,1916 in honor of Princess Kaiulani:

 "..Me he p√Ľnohu` ula ala i ke kai
Ka nohea nohea ke `ike aku
I ku`u wehilani
E ola mau e Kaiulani..."

English translation:

"... As a rainbow over the sea
Is beautiful to see
So is my royal darling
Long may you live, Kaiulani..."

Art Direction: Bill Worthington

Display Design: Jason Freise

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Board Design seen in Waikiki

Dale Hope was "passing through Waikiki and caught this couple apres surf,with smiles on their faces."

Mid Century Modern Ocean Design on woman's board for Tropical Blends 

Art Direction: Dale Hope

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Descendants wardrobe: Maui Jim Sunglasses Aloha Shirt

Watching The Descendants on DVD tonight I noticed the man sitting next to Laird Hamilton in the Canoe Club scene was wearing this Maui Jim Sunglasses shirt. The design includes hand carved images:
Samoan motifs

Hand painted motifs:
Maui Jim logo
palm trees
ocean wave

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hand painted Chalkboard for a Dutch Chocolatier

 This 8'x4' Chalkboard was created in my studio for  Pam and Jacques Holten's  Eureka, California retail store, Venlo Chocolates. Honoring Jacques hometown,Venlo, Netherlands ,we used Dutch motifs ,hand painted in shades of chocolate brown with a red and green  Dutch tulip motif.

The entire board is painted in chalk board paint.The Dutch children,flower and Venlo Chocolates can be used as a chalk board with white chalk.

As a youth  in the Netherlands,Jacques began his apprenticeship as a chocolatier. They create each chocolate (dark,milk and white)  by hand in a small factory right  behind their retail shop.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Patagonia Aloha Shirt in Northern California

Tonight as I was leaving Eureka Natural Foods with my groceries I  stopped in my tracks after seeing Bob Cherry standing in the store wearing a Patagonia "Pataloha" shirt  print designed in my Kailua,Oahu art studio under the  direction of  Dale Hope.

Bob's Aloha Shirt was a gift that he has been wearing for about 12 years.

Bob is a long time surfer from Miranda,California. His wife, Tory Schanzle, is a CEMT,Certified Equine Massage and Therapy, in McKinleyville, California.

They divide their time between California and  Tatos,Santos,BCS,Mexico.

I celebrated meeting Bob and Tory, who love the ocean , horses and natural foods, by drinking a Cherry Chia Kombucha Tea which was purchased before meeting Bob Cherry!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aloha Shirt Design for Patagonia

Dale Hope commissioned my studio to create this print inspired by vintage home furnishings fabrics for Patagonia's Pataloha line.

Hand painted in gouache.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clean Water focus of Sonoma Coast Chapter Surfrider Foundation's hand block printed Poster

Keeping Sonoma County water clean  is the focus of these 3 family paddling events in 2012 held by The Sonoma Chapter Surfrider Foundation.

Handcarved  O C E A N  themed blocks that were inked and printed onto rice paper in my studio all began with photographs provided by Bryan Costales,Fran Gealer,Dale Hope and Miles Ragland.

•OCEAN & sky
•Coast Miwok Indian Arrowhead
•Bodega Bay Wharf & town
•Stand up Paddler and his dog
•Board Paddler
•Surfing Family

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Courier Corporation of Hawaii's new uniforms

An island based company with over 20 years of worldwide service over land,sea and ground,Courier Corporation of Hawaii, commissioned my studio to design their new uniform print.

Under the hand painted motifs,inspired by the Polynesian Triangle cultures, there are 2 layers of hand block printed textures.

Art Direction: Nick Smallwood