Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hope for Man art exhibit Green Room Hawaii

GreenRoom  Hawaii 

 “HOPE” exhibit of Dale Hope's vintage aloha shirts designed under HRH brand,now "Hope for Man" label includes photographs and prints taken from a series of 6 including surfers and canoes with paddlers. Each shirt features it's own story on a one of a kind hang tag and  a hand block printed surfer on white fabric rectangle on the  back near collar.

The exhibit lasts until November 21,2010.

I bought a beautiful old piece of wide ( 2'x6') piece of redwood from ReUse Hawaii's stock of wood taken from an old house in Manoa Valley, Honolulu that was being torn down.I had to balance the wood on top of my bicycle and walk  from ReUse Hawaii to my Waikiki Studio. This was before I bought my great surf rack for the bike. The linoleum blocks were mounted on this redwood. I also used pure Frankencense essential oil on the back of the wooden blocks. Used a hand saw to cut the pieces out on studio lanai with a coconut palm tree close by.

Many weeks of emailed communication with Dale Hope resulted in these 6 blocks that went through revisions.

I'll post more images of his shirts next time.

Thank you!