Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Board Design seen in Waikiki

Dale Hope was "passing through Waikiki and caught this couple apres surf,with smiles on their faces."

Mid Century Modern Ocean Design on woman's board for Tropical Blends 

Art Direction: Dale Hope

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Descendants wardrobe: Maui Jim Sunglasses Aloha Shirt

Watching The Descendants on DVD tonight I noticed the man sitting next to Laird Hamilton in the Canoe Club scene was wearing this Maui Jim Sunglasses shirt. The design includes hand carved images:
Samoan motifs

Hand painted motifs:
Maui Jim logo
palm trees
ocean wave

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hand painted Chalkboard for a Dutch Chocolatier

 This 8'x4' Chalkboard was created in my studio for  Pam and Jacques Holten's  Eureka, California retail store, Venlo Chocolates. Honoring Jacques hometown,Venlo, Netherlands ,we used Dutch motifs ,hand painted in shades of chocolate brown with a red and green  Dutch tulip motif.

The entire board is painted in chalk board paint.The Dutch children,flower and Venlo Chocolates can be used as a chalk board with white chalk.

As a youth  in the Netherlands,Jacques began his apprenticeship as a chocolatier. They create each chocolate (dark,milk and white)  by hand in a small factory right  behind their retail shop.