Monday, May 30, 2011

Older Kahala Sportswear Aloha Shirt seen in San Francisco bay area

Robert Intersimone,real estate agent and background actor in Mumford seen wearing this Aloha Shirt in Sonoma County, California.

Today a friend  was asking about my work ,prompting Robert to unzip his jacket to show us his aloha shirt. It looked so familiar. Yes, it was designed in my  Kailua studio! Just a few hours ago I took this photograph.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Small feature: Hawaii Insider San Francisco Chronicle

"...and textile designer Emma Howard of Kailua, who cited Peter Buck's "Vikings of the Pacific" in her answer to explain how it got its English name: "The island was first sighted by the Dutch navigator, Roggeveen, on Easter Sunday, 1722."

"...The creator of images seen on many aloha shirt uniforms in Hawai'i, including The Bus on O'ahu, Howard added, "The Polynesian Triangle, of which Easter Island is in the eastern corner, is the main source of motifs for my textile designs." (Check out her blog to see some of her recent work."

Jeanne Cooper,writer, San Francisco Chronicle "Hawaii Insider"