Monday, June 14, 2010

Surf Board Rack now Bicycle Aloha Shirt Art Portfolio Carrier

I bought a bicycle surfboard rack after Matthew Modine,of Bicycle for a Day suggested via twitter that I use a surfboard rack to carry my art portfolio.

I was talking to Tyler , University of Hawaii film student and bicycle mechanic at McCully Bicycle & Sporting Goods, while he installed a  surf board rack onto my bicycle. He worked as a film  intern on the sets of "Lost" and "The Descendants". He was part of the film crew that took  George Clooney to Tori Richard/Kahala Sportswear  headquarters in Honolulu, the day that  "Skills", the Kahala Aloha Shirt designed in my Kailua Art Studio,was chosen to be used in George's wardrobe.

I rode over to Hawaiian Graphics to buy a portfolio to try out the new set-up. It's exactly what I needed and had hoped for.

On the way to my art studio, I stopped off at Holly Young's bronze sculpture/fountain of "Makua and Kila" ( characters in the children's story written by Surfer and Educator Fred Van Dyke) to photograph my bicycle. The monk seal is an endangered species,beautifully represented here with a young boy on his surf board.

My next client meeting will be delivery of their new hand painted Aloha Shirt design,carried across Honolulu in this portfolio by bicycle.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Reyn Spooner aloha shirt designed in my studio awhile ago.

Bought this XXL Aloha Shirt shirt from an ebay seller who actually lives in Kaneohe. I paid $5. shipping for an 8 mile distance to my PO Box in Kailua. I wanted to buy this one because it's no longer being printed and I have always loved the color palette. Motifs include: canoe paddlers., surfers, net fisherman,coconut palm trees, hibiscus flowers, OCEAN, monstera leaves My painting style has changed since I designed this. Roy Lowry ,born under the astrological sign of the Moon Child, was the art director for Reyn Spooner at the time. He and I developed a nice friendship that I still miss to this day. We used to laugh together during our business meetings talking about dreams and art and life. I used to drive to his condominium lobby late at night to drop off artwork as he was leaving for the airport the next day.We shared technique ideas and had even at one point talked about designing greeting cards together.

I'm so happy to have this shirt .It feels like coming home for me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aloha Shirt designed in my studio for TheBus,manufactured by Island Traditions

Driver Marktin Asuncion,life long resident of Oahu, is an artist though it's been awhile since he had time to draw. He lives in the Makiki  neighbourhood in Honolulu.

There were a lot of passengers coming and going with little time to talk more.

After I removed my bike from the rack on the front of the bus, we waved to each other and I rode off past a large group of tourists .

Kahala Aloha Shirt, Alcove,designed in my studio, shown on TheBus passenger

Little did Kevin ,who asked to keep his sunglasses on, (no last name given) know  when he stood in front of me that we would have a 5 minute discussion about his shirt and that I would pull out a camera from my messenger bag.

He was my captive audience! Organic cotton, hibiscus flowers printed using  hand carved blocks and textured background from another hand carved block.

He says that he likes the way Kahala shirts fit and also wears Tommy Bahama.

Aloha Shirt Uniform for Boots & Kimo's Kailua restaurant ,designed in my studio

Today while I was in Kailua , Joey, Assistant manager very kindly took a moment to pose for a quick photo of him wearing Boots & Kimo's uniform designed in my Kailua Studio.

Motifs :

Boots & Kimo's famous logo ,tiki of Kanaloa,the God of  ocean, hand painted with motifs of outrigger canoe,surfboards,owner's tattoos,hibiscus and plumeria flowers,macadamia nuts with leaves,pineapple,canoe paddler petroglyph,Mokulua Islands with sunrise,Menu words

Kailua bus stop, Passenger wearing a Kahala aloha shirt by Emma Howard

Not only was Dr Horowitz wearing an aloha shirt that I designed but we got off at the same stop in Kailua right in front of the great store, Muumuu Heaven.

As we were  removing our bicycles from the front bus rack, I asked him if I could photograph him .

He was  busy taking phone calls so I cycled away after taking these 2 photos.

Aloha Shirt designed in my studio for TheBus worn here Thursday morning Enroute from Honolulu to Kailua on TheBus

Dean Rodriques was driving past Ala Moana Beach Park when I photographed him in TheBus drivers' uniform in a pale grey ground,designed in my Kailua Studio ,manufactured by Island Traditions.

He later told me a few things about himself:

•Born in Mililani under the sign of Taurus
•Has lived in Wahiawa since the age of 6
•He and his wife have been married for 13 years and  have a daughter. He's " a family man"
•Waterman who dives,fishes and used to body board when he had more free  time